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    Turns out everyone really likes the XIRO Xplorer Drone, but maybe not as much as we do! Which is why we had to break out into the cold again to get this FPV RTF GPS Full of acronyms Quadcopter back in the air! In our first flight video we weren't able to test the flight modes 2 and 3 because we were too close to houses and power lines.

    To fix that problem we've made it out to our local airfield to showcase what the XIRO Xplorer Drone can really do in it's higher flight rates! Abby even gets her hands on the controller in this flight!

    Some features of the Xiro Xplorer:

    - Factory-installed brushless power system
    - Wi-Fi capable, 5.8GHz transceiver with holder for iOS or Android smartphone
    - Smart device-programmable 16-point Waypoints system. Data plan required
    - Takeoff/Landing and Return-to-Home button
    - GPS Auto-Pilot with Position and Altitude Hold & Hovering
    - Three automatic fail-safes
    - “Follow me” and “Circle around me” flight modes
    - 3-axis, video-stabilized camera gimbal with vibration absorbers
    - Wi-Fi range extender
    - Beginner, Amateur & Professional skill settings
    - 3S, 5200mAh “Smart” LiPo battery
    - Intelligent chargers for Smart Batterypack & controller
    - Spare props, tools

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