Drop out after ~100m (previously 600-800m)

Discussion in 'DJI Phantom 3 Standard' started by JacksonHenneyyy, Feb 7, 2018.

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    Hey guys.

    Haven't been flying as much as I used to due to working 6 days a week. I've kept the drone up to date with software and making sure the batteries are in good health every so often but haven't properly flown it.

    When I did get a chance though I found I couldn't get more than 60-100m before the image signal would get weak and drone would return home. I thought it may just be interference but when I took it down to the farm (where I have gotten from 800m up to 1.2km previously) and got to a maximum of 120m before losing signal before returning home automatically. I found by putting it into Atti mode it would fly to the same distance but the motors would pulse and stutter as if the signal was being lost and found every half second.

    I figured it may be due to software updates so I tried to downgrade and upgrade with no success. I tried using it on the older firmware but the compass wouldn't calibrate and therefore wouldn't let me fly.

    Getting to the main point- it's out of warranty so I opened up the controller and found the antennas look to have suffered heat or burning judging by the yellowing of the pads. I was wondering if this looks to be what i think of, and whether anyone else has had any similar experience/issue. [​IMG]

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